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What does Resume .Academy mean for you?


Meet Jessica N. Abraham-Hogan, Marketing Executive and Professional Resume Writer. The mastermind behind Resume.Academy, Jessica provides you with the tools you need to make your dreams a reality.


Learn why top executives aren't being seen  by hiring managers and are therefore missing out on their true potential. Optimize your resume for ATS positioning and seize the opportunity that awaits.


No one uses an objective statement any more. References are a thing of the past. In a digital world, you are wasting space and risking chances of employment. Failure to adopt standards will leave you unseen. 


Let's face it. Your resume is a tool for unlocking doors and climbing ladders to future success. Consider this an investment. We live the science of resume. Let us take care of everything and be amazed. 

Get Through ATS Engines

Did you know that for every position you apply for, there are a minimum of 200 other candidates applying for that same position? While the 10, 15 an 30 second eye tests exist, you still have to be seen before someone else is hired. Let's make sure your resume is seen first!

Professional Resume Writing Services, get through ATS Applicant Tracking Systems. Be seen by employers. Get job offers. Monster, Career Perfect, Career Builder, Doostang, CVNow, Indeed, TopResume, Top Resume, Glassdoor,. How long should a resume be? CV. What does a professional resume look like? How to write a resume with no experience. How to build a resume for free.


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DISCLAIMER: some of these testimonials are from previous work done, while contracted through today's top resume agency.

"I hired the company to totlaly remake my resume and cover letter to go with it. After only one re-write or touch up, I received the best, most energetic, exuberant and eary-reading resume ever. As a recent college graduate at the grad level, I am totally overwhelmed and satisfied with their work. Now my resume is a piece de resistance,   and I am positive that I will get many job offers. I would like to recommend their services to anyone and everyone. Thank you so much Jessica for taking care of business."

"Thank you so much. This is a great resume that you have done. I have an interview this week from an International Company and thank you again. Thank you."

"You are TOO good, Jessica. All excellent advice. Thank you so much fo r spending so much time on this. I know it ate a lot."

 “Again, Jessica... Thanks so much for all the time you've invested. I can't tell you how much this means to me. It's been a fantastic experience and I've enjoyed getting to know you over e-mail. You're exceptionally gifted!"

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance in refining my resume. The job you do impacts lives in a very meaningful and positive way! I am grateful for your dedication and professional work. "

"I would like to thank you personaly for preparing, revising and re-writing my resume. I applied for an IT security job and have now excepted a six-figure starting pay. Again, thank you!"

"I am very surprise how professional they are at making my resume shine. The words they used and they way it was designed was so professional. Jessica did a fantastic job. She was on time and never late. She gave me exactly what I needed. I am very happy with Jessica and am recommending this to my friends, who need help with their resume.

Thank you so much!"

“At first view, looks like a nice innovative tool, i like the great focus and time that was given to the responsive design, i also like the simple and clear drag and drop features. Give me more control over the object's properties and ill be using this tool for more serious projects. Regards.”

"WOW!!! The LinkedIn profile looks great!! Profile strength: "All Star"!?!?! Good Job!! Thanks for all your help. I really like the resume, as well!"

"Jessica, this looks marvelous. I mean, if there is anything else you can think to add that will help me find a job, then please do so. You are the expert, and as far as I am concened this work is a masterpiece. I so appreciated your help and patience with me in this matter... As far as I'm concerned it looks fabulous!"

"This is INCREDIBLE!!! It's by far the nicest resume that I've ever had. I can't thank you enough."


Done with satisfaction, personality and turning duties into accomplishment