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Let us write for you. Resumes in as little as six hours.  We get you through ATS Systems. Professional Resume Writing. Top Resume, Monster, Career Builder, Indeed, TopResume, CVNow, Beyond, Wounded Warrior Project, USAJobs, Indeed


Resume.Academy is an online training program, teaching the standards and sciences behind today's job search engines, the hiring process and how to craft the perfect resume from scratch. In addition to our resume development classes, we also offer professional resume services by writers from some of today's top resume writing agencies and career placement sites.

Resume.Academy isn’t your average destination for professional resume writing services. In fact, we’re actually much more than that. Adept to the sciences of ATS, Applicant Tracking Systems, and with great knowledge of today’s most key standards, we provide audiences with the details necessary in not only getting through engines, but also onto the desk of the hiring manager. We teach you how to optimize your resume by embracing keywords relevant to your industry and unlock the potential that awaits.

We market you as a qualified professional and help to position you for greatness. Boosting visibility of your resume amongst 200 or more qualified candidates, we make sure you are seen. We teach you how to knock on doors, tear them down and take over your own destiny. We teach you how to be both seen and heard, while treated as the commodity you are.

For those that want to save time, we have a team of professional resume writers that have come together from today’s top resume writing agencies, popular job search sites and career development organizations. Many of our professionals also share a background in Marketing, Public Relations and Social Branding.

We care about the entry-level professional and the executive, alike. We want to see each and every one of you shine. And, that’s why we’re here to serve to you. That’s why we have made our materials free of charge and easy to access, while providing a long range of options to enhance your professional career path and market BrandYOU.

With affordable professional resume writing services at more than half the cost of direct competition, we provide the same quality of work with more dedication to each client served. We also provide unique services that our contemporaries cease to entertain. As the lines blur between digital imprints and the impact of a traditional resume, we have created a product line, designed to brand you as a professional across the web, build your reputation and engage audiences in your career journey.

We service international customers by creating curriculum vitae, according to global standards, while providing specialized service to IT professionals, Medical and Military Personnel, Scientists, Project Managers, Federal and Government Employees and everyone else in between! Our Academic and Scientific CVs are thorough, and our Military resumes follow the strict requirements set forth by the United States Government. Position yourself for greatness! 

We’re here to service YOU every step of the way. Please, contact us if you have any additional questions about our processes, servicing or preliminary onboarding. We thank you for your interests in Resume.Academy and hope that you will share your experience with others. Class is in session! 



The Science.

Top executives aren't being seen by hiring managers and are therefore missing out on their true potential. We maximize your resume for optimal ATS positioning and seize the opportunity that awaits.


The Standards.

No one uses an objective statement anymore. References are a thing of the past. In a digital world, you are wasting space and risking chances of employment. Failure to adopt standards will leave you unseen.


Professional Writing Services.

Let's face it. Your resume is a tool for unlocking doors and climbing ladders to future success. Consider this an investment. We live the science of resume. Let us take care of everything and be amazed.



While we have amazing testimonials across the web, we have decided to share the most "raw" and "transparent" of those testimonials, as found on Thumbtack.com, a community bidding site. Unlike many companies out there, we won't "sugar coat" the results. We feel that reality supersedes fiction. And, you have the right to decide if our brand is truly the right match for your professional resume-writing needs.


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